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china latest news about VCXO Application Notes

VCXO Application Notes

[2018-04-12 14:02:04]
VCXO Application Notes VCXO is a voltage controlled crystal oscillator in which the output frequency can be adjusted by varying the external control voltage across a variable capacitor (varactor diode) within the oscillator circuit. The associated change in frequency due to the change in control ... Read More
china latest news about Crystal Oscillator Application Notes

Crystal Oscillator Application Notes

[2018-04-12 14:00:29]
Crystal Oscillator Application Notes Crystal oscillator is the most common type of oscillator used and has applications in virtually every aspect of the electronics industry. The crystal oscillator is used to establish a reference frequency used for timing purpose. Crystal oscillator typically ... Read More
china latest news about Crystal Oscillator Definitions

Crystal Oscillator Definitions

[2018-04-12 13:58:33]
Crystal Oscillator Definitions Nominal Frequency The center or nominal output of a crystal oscillator. Frequency Tolerance The deviation from the nominal frequency in terms of parts per millions (PPM) at room temperature. ( 25℃±5℃) Frequency Range The frequency range that the oscillator type or ... Read More
china latest news about Crystal Unit Application Notes

Crystal Unit Application Notes

[2018-04-12 13:54:59]
Crystal Unit Application Notes This application note describes the selection of a crystal used with any type of micro-controller that accepts a parallel mode, AT or BT cut crystal, fundamental or third-overtone mode. Circuit Description Most chips include an inverter design with a positive feedback ... Read More
china latest news about Crystal Unit Definitions

Crystal Unit Definitions

[2018-04-12 13:53:48]
Crystal Unit Definitions Crystal Unit A case housing a thin piece of quartz crystal (silicon dioxide) or crystal strip with vacuum-evaporated metal electrode and terminals for connections. It is widely used as passive electronic component for mobile phones, wireless devices, telecommunication ... Read More
china latest news about Characteristics of Crystal

Characteristics of Crystal

[2018-04-12 13:51:18]
Characteristics of Crystal Piezoelectric effect of Quartz Crystal The quartz crystal has a character when the pressure is applied to the direction of the crystal axis, the electric change generates on the quartz crystal plate, and on the contrary, when the electricity is applied to the quartz ... Read More
china latest news about 晶体知识


[2014-05-19 19:57:20]
石英晶体基础知识•石英晶体的性质•石英晶体的结构•石英晶体的缺陷•电气特性 •石英晶体谐振器工作原理•石英晶体谐振器的特性•石英晶体谐振器的应用 石英晶体基础知识   石英,学名二氧化硅。   是自然界分布最广的物质之一。它有五种变体(β石英、α石英、α磷石英、方石英、溶炼石英),其中只有β石英才具有压电效应, 当施加压力在晶片表面时 , 它就会产生电气电位 , 相对的当一电位加在芯片表面时 , 它就会产生变形或振动现象 , 掌握这种振动现象 , 控制其发生频率的快慢 , 以及精确程度 , 就是水晶震荡器的设计与应用。 石英晶体的性质   石英晶体的化学性质极为稳定,常温下不溶于盐酸、硝酸、硫... Read More
china latest news about 晶体


[2014-05-19 19:55:57]
一、当订购晶体时,需要提供哪些基本信息?   通常需让我们的客户提供中心频点,切型 (AT/BT) ,型号,电阻 (ESR) ,频率公差,频率稳定性,负载电容,工作温度范围,驱动电源,老化率及其他相关参数等等。 二、 频率公差和频率稳定度的主要差异是什么?   频率稳定度是在工作温度范围下,允许存在的频率与参考频率之间存在的最大偏移值。参考频率通常指在室温下晶体振荡的频点。频率稳定度通常用 ppm 表征。   晶体的频率公差指用 ppm 表示的允许存在的与特定温度下标准频率之间的偏移量。 三、 当不在规格下的温度时,晶体会有什么样的工作?   (当不在规格所要求的温度范围时)晶体的工作会受到影... Read More
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